The ebook in the future implies that Misery’s childhood partner and best friend, Serena Paris, could have been shed to have 1 month

Once trying track their own off, Heartache receive a full page torn out-of a coordinator marked having an encoded message however “L.Age. Moreland”, this is why Misery accessible to the wedding — she wants to use it because the a chance to read how it happened so you can Serena.

Lowe will teach Alex, the fresh “technology man” one of several Weres, to work well with Heartache inside her research

Adopting the wedding, Heartache motions for the place right beside Lowe at the his place. She getting tracked, but she seems to consider Serena’s disappearance. She reaches know Ana, Lowe’s seven-year-old more youthful cousin. If there’s a kidnapping test facing her, Heartache closes it, although it looks like it actually was a storyline so you can entrap an effective selection of “Loyalists” whom oppose Lowe.

Inside the Chapters 9 – 23, because the she gets to understand Lowe, she observes that he is the strongest out-of their type and you will compassionate. His predecessor is Roscoe, who was simply a horrible tyrant. Very, Lowe challenged him and you may acquired. However, Roscoe’s companion Emery is the frontrunner of the “Loyalists”.

Thoughts expand ranging from Heartache and you will Lowe, in the event Misery finds out one to Gabi (brand new Had been security) is actually Lowe’s spouse. When Heartache becomes caught snooping up to, she’s compelled to know that she went truth be told there to analyze their unique buddy’s disappearance. As it happens “L.Elizabeth. Moreland” is simply making reference to Ana, whose complete name was “Liliana Esther Moreland”. Lowe confides during the Heartache it is a key you to Ana is half-Person and you may 1 / 2 of-Was in fact. It show a parent, however, he doesn’t see just who their own individual dad try. Heartache miracle why Serena, a reporter, are looking at Ana.

Lowe and you can Misery have sex, however, after Lowe informs Agony that he will not display their emotions and additionally they are going to be aside

Heartache along with reaches learn Juno and you may Cal, one or two respected family unit members and you can advisors out of Lowe’s. And you will Misery’s favorite one of their own protective detail try Mick, an adult Was just who previously served Roscoe and you may made a decision to support Lowe as he challenged Roscoe.

Heartache and you will Alex’s lookup make them the new development of name regarding Ana’s dad, Thomas, but it looks like he was slain in a car accident two weeks immediately following Serena’s disappearance. It learn that his death is designed of the former Governor Davenport. Meanwhile, Misery support Lowe to the a purpose to plant malware from the Loyalist legs underneath the book away from a quiet meeting with Emery. They ABD’de Laos kadД±n have been winning, regardless of if Misery will get poisoned in the process and survives. From inside the purpose, Agony and you can Lowe work to their feelings for starters a unique.

In the Sections 24 – 30, Misery’s twin brother Owen asks to get to know with her. Agony, Owen, Lowe and Gabi meet up. Owen states that he plans to difficulties their father making a quote for his character as the Councilman. Heartache will not bring it definitely initially, however, Owen plans to end the fresh new security system and prevent hostilies one of many variety.

Seeing Lowe and you can Gabi work together, Agony realizes that Lowe actually Gabi’s partner. He acknowledges the simple truth is, that he lied since the if not they’d wanted anybody else alongside him and the singular which could fill that character do become Ana, in which he was not willing to give their own more.

After, Agony try abducted. She gets up to find out this woman is within the captivity having Serena, who has been locked up the past three months. They phase a getaway, but soon is prevented and delivered to its captors — Misery’s father.

Their particular father acknowledges so you can planting discord between Weres and you can Humans for many years in hopes they don’t ally to one another and eliminate the Vampyres. The guy thinks the Have been-Person hybrids is actually a danger since if anyone else understood it actually was you are able to it can encourage them to get across-reproduce and you will friend together. As it happens Serena is a crossbreed. Whenever she already been considering Ana (once the Ana is also a crossbreed) their dad know she knew about any of it, that is why Serena must be abducted.